The leadership philosophy of NorthBridge may best be described as a collaborative, team-based approach.  We believe that our mission can best be achieved by working together, each bringing our gifts, passions, personalities, skills and experience to the mission.  The Bible uses the metaphor of the human body to describe this, teaching that every member makes an important contribution to the health of the whole.  (Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12)  The leadership staff of NorthBridge models that team approach.

JOHN DOCK - Small Groups Pastor

As one of the founding pastor-elders, John works with a group of coaches and gives overall leadership to our network of small groups.  John and his wife Tammy have two children.

MICHAEL GRAVES - Teaching Pastor

Michael is one of our founding pastor-elders.  He is a primary teacher at weekend services.  Michael and his wife, Vicky, have two adult children.


Tony is the primary architect of vision and culture at NorthBridge and leads the staff in equipping the church to accomplish its mission.  He is a primary weekend teacher and leads a Connection Team that guides the church's outreach ministries.  Tony is married to Dana and they have one child.

DOUG KING - Worship Ministries

Doug is a gifted musician and songwriter.  He leads a talented team of band members, artists and techies in guiding creative and authentic worship experiences. Doug is married to Erica and they have two children.

MELISSA WINANS - Student Ministries

Melissa is currently serving our student ministries in the interim. She has been an active leader with our youth, investing in the spiritual growth of our next generation. Melissa is married to Cliff and they have one child.

DAVID MYERS Teaching Pastor

David has been in ministry for 20 years serving in church and para-church organizations that gave him the opportunity to travel the world.  He has a love for teaching and discipleship and serves as a Teaching Pastor at weekend services.

AMANDA GRAVES Children's Ministries

A school teacher by profession, Amanda has both passion and know-how for helping kids come to know God's love.  She leads a great team of leaders to create fun experiences for grades K-6.

PAM PFEIFER Administration

Pam is a gifted administrator and loves helping people.  She manages the office, finances and a variety of other administrative matters.  Pam and her husband, H.C., have two children.

LISA HOLBERT - Missions Ministries

Lisa has a passion for missions and for helping others to use their gifts and abilities to serve.  She leads our missions team to develop hands-on opportunities locally and globally.